September 2015 Board Meeting

The Valley Ultimate Board plus 3 all-star guests met tonight to discuss and plan out the future of Valley Ultimate. There was over 230 years of Ultimate around the table. Whoa.

Here’s what we talked about:

  1. Board logistics: It turns out there’s a decent amount of paperwork involved.
  2. Valley Ultimate Fall League: It’s going super well! Everyone is excited for the upcoming scrimmages against the BUDA all-stars on Saturday, the rest of the league games, and the Sharon tournament coming up in a few weeks!
  3. USAU Affiliate status: We are quite happy with the relationship. So far we have received great logistics support as well as $2,500 in grants. We will be pursuing further grant opportunities through the program as we expand.
  4. Hatgiving 2015: The event is coming up on Saturday, 11/21. Registration will launch soon!
  5. Future projects: We have several in the works, all of which are very exciting! Come on out to a future Board meeting to get a sneak peak at what we’re up to!