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Underserved School Outreach

Valley Ultimate has grant money to go into any school that does not have an ultimate program and teach the students how to play. We are flexible in how we do this so that we can accommodate a school’s needs. The hardest thing is to make a connection with a school to get the program going. If you have a connection to a school in the area that would be open to our free ultimate program offer, please contact Terry Plotkin at

Valley Ultimate Outreach: Round 1

USAUAffiliateLogoCOLOR-jpgDue to a generous grant from USA Ultimate, Valley Ultimate was able to launch an outreach program. Terry Plotkin is leading the charge and ran the first session last week. He reports:

I visited Frontier ultimate practice on Wednesday for valley ultimate”s first outreach to under-served schools. They are a good group of kids. We focused on a few drills, basic throwing and catching, and discussed ways they can make their practices successful and how to build their team. I told them about valley ultimate and how to plug in with ultimate in the valley. By coincidence, two parents of two different kids are former teammates of mine. When I asked them, they both were interested in helping out some of the time. It was a good day. I admire the kids (17) for organizing themselves and showing up without adult support.

We’ll be running several more sessions at Frontier and expanding the program to other local communities. A big thanks to USA Ultimate for making the program possible!