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12/3/14 Board Meeting

Hatgiving2014Here’s what we covered at the last Valley Ultimate Board meeting:

In attendance: Tiina Booth, Jim Pistrang, Dan Kaplan, Jo Sleigh, Erica Kane, Terry Plotkin, and Lee Feldscher

We spent the first part of the meeting discussing Hatgiving 2014. We were all really happy with the event! We went over the event feedback solicited from participants and discussed ways to improve the event in the future. We are very excited about the momentum built by the event, and for Hatgiving 2015!

We next discussed our plans for the winter which include pulling together a broadcast email list from all of our various sources. We’ll use this list to communicate with anyone connected with the organization. Note that this is different from our discussion list, which anyone can join and post to, which is online right here (Google Group).

We also discussed hosting a Level 1 USAU Coaching Clinic. We’re aiming to run this clinic in February.

Valley Ultimate is going to take over hosting the Western MA HS Ultimate Scheduling meeting, historically run by Jim Pistrang. The meeting date and location will be set and announced ASAP.

Valley Ultimate is going to continue to run a BUDA YCC league location and not spin off and run it’s own stand-along program. We are excited to build on the BUDA YCC Summer Youth Club league that started last summer.

We’ll be working to fully populate the Valley Ultimate Events Calendar.

We also talked about running a summer hat tournament as well as how to support Fall Youth Club play.

The next Valley Ultimate Board meeting will take place on Thursday, January, 29th from 8-9pm at the Northampton Brewery. Anyone with any interest in helping grow Ultimate in the Valley is welcome to attend.