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June 2016 Board Meeting Recap

Prize hats!The Valley Ultimate Board met for some great discussion and tasty ice cream last night! Here’s what we covered:

The upcoming Summer Solstice Hat Tournament coming up on Sunday, 6/19! The event is going to be so much fun! Register ASAP right here.

Our summer youth league playing opportunities.

How to best support our full slew of summer events:

Lots of great Ultimate going on!

5/26 Board Meeting

Hatgiving2014The Valley Ultimate Board just met in Hadley and worked on lots of upcoming projects:

  • Summer Youth League: Starts 6/7: Sign up here!
  • Solstice Hat Tournament on 6/29: Sign up here!
  • Out outreach program is continuing. Terry Plotkin been to Frontier 3 times and will be continuing the program through the fall and possibly into next spring.

The next Board meeting will be scheduled soon. Anyone with any interest in helping grow Ultimate in the Valley is encouraged to attend!

4/26 Board Meeting Notes

Hatgiving2014The most recent Valley Ultimate Board meeting just wrapped up. Here’s what we covered:

  • How to bette spread the word about Valley Ultimate activities and pull in more volunteers
  • Updates regarding the Oxbow field complex. Lots and lots of fields for Ultimate right in the heart of the Valley!
  • Launching the Summer Solstice Hat tournament. Maybe hold it earlier in the summer?
  • Dispensing grants and applying for more.
  • Updates on our just-launched youth outreach program!
  • Launching the Valley Ultimate Youth Summer League
  • Expanding our annual meeting to pull in more people
  • Starting work on a 3-5 year plan

Information regarding the next Board meeting will be posted as soon as the date is set.

June 2015 Board Meeting

The Valley Ultimate Board just had a very productive meeting!


The major topics we covered include:

1) Becoming a non-profit: We’re officially filing with the IRS tomorrow!

2) U19 Fall League: It’ll be launched soon!

3) Summer Solstice: Coming up this Saturday and shaping up to be an incredibly awesome event! Can you spot the super slick tourney hat? Registration just closed a little while ago with 111 registrants! Joe will be emailing out competition details very soon!

4) Becoming a USAU affiliate: We’re moving forward with the process!

5) The U19 Summer League: It’s going well!

4/21 Board Meeting & April News

Hatgiving2014Here’s what we covered at the most recent Valley Ultimate Board meeting:

Present: Josh S., Dan K., Tiina B., David L., Jo S., Tim C., Joe C., and Lee F.

1) The next Board meeting will take place at the Bluebonnet Diner in Northampton on Tuesday, 5/26 from 7 to 8pm.

2) Planing for the Summer Solstice Hat (Saturday, June 27th) tournament is well underway.

3) We are taking out first concrete steps to become a 501(c)3 non profit!

4) We had an extended discussion regarding becoming a USAU affiliate. We will be continuing the discussion at our next Board meeting.

5) We need to keep pushing for people to fill out the volunteer signup form!

Here is a copy of the Valley Ultimate email blast. You can signup to receive the alerts right here.

April News

Where Can I Watch?

There’s some great, high level ultimate happening in the Pioneer Valley in the coming weeks:

New England DIII Regionals are at Amherst College on April 25 – 26
New England DI Regionals are at UMASS on May 2 -3 
The Amherst Invitational (high level high school ultimate) is May 2-3

For a full listing of local Ultimate events, check the calendar on the Valley Ultimate Website.

Where Can I Play?

It’s time to play ultimate

Here’s a couple of pickup games that you can plug-in to

Northampton Pick-up: Tuesdays and Thursday at 5, and Sundays at 3,
New Location: Bear Hill Field right between JFK and the Bear Hill Estates bordering Rt9 across from Look Park.

for more information join their Facebook Group or their Google Group.

Greenfield Pickup: Sundays at 4:30 – Green River Swimming and Rec Area – join their Facebook Group or email to Jen

For a full list of opportunities to play Ultimate Frisbee in the Pioneer Valley, please visit our website for an up-datable list of opportunities.http://valleyultimate.org/where-can-i-play/

1/29/15 Board Meeting

Here’s what happened at the last Valley Ultimate Board member.

In attendance: Tiina Booth, Jim Pistrang, Dan Kaplan, Jo Sleigh, Lee Feldscher, Terry Plotkin, and Josh Seamon.

Dan Kaplan is now the Vice President, which brings us closer to rounding out our four officer positions: Treasurer [Jo Sleigh], President [Josh Seamon], and Secretary [TBD]

We will be working to collect data regarding the community through a survey that Dan Kaplan will be sending out. We are also working to build the Valley Ultimate (broadcast) email list. We determined that we will send out one email (at most) per month to this master list. This communication method is different that the general discussion group that anyone can join and post to that is located right here.

We’re excited to continue our work operating a BUDA YCC Youth League site locations here in Western, MA. Season specific details are being ironed out and will soon be available.

We are working on establishing the best course of action in moving towards 501(c)3 status. We have found a local lawyer who is willing to help guide us through the process.

We may work towards becoming a USAU affiliate pending further research that is being done by Lee.

We discussed our potential 2015 goals. We are currently working to prioritize our goals and determine a final list for 2015.

The date for our next Board meeting will soon be determined and posted.

12/3/14 Board Meeting

Hatgiving2014Here’s what we covered at the last Valley Ultimate Board meeting:

In attendance: Tiina Booth, Jim Pistrang, Dan Kaplan, Jo Sleigh, Erica Kane, Terry Plotkin, and Lee Feldscher

We spent the first part of the meeting discussing Hatgiving 2014. We were all really happy with the event! We went over the event feedback solicited from participants and discussed ways to improve the event in the future. We are very excited about the momentum built by the event, and for Hatgiving 2015!

We next discussed our plans for the winter which include pulling together a broadcast email list from all of our various sources. We’ll use this list to communicate with anyone connected with the organization. Note that this is different from our discussion list, which anyone can join and post to, which is online right here (Google Group).

We also discussed hosting a Level 1 USAU Coaching Clinic. We’re aiming to run this clinic in February.

Valley Ultimate is going to take over hosting the Western MA HS Ultimate Scheduling meeting, historically run by Jim Pistrang. The meeting date and location will be set and announced ASAP.

Valley Ultimate is going to continue to run a BUDA YCC league location and not spin off and run it’s own stand-along program. We are excited to build on the BUDA YCC Summer Youth Club league that started last summer.

We’ll be working to fully populate the Valley Ultimate Events Calendar.

We also talked about running a summer hat tournament as well as how to support Fall Youth Club play.

The next Valley Ultimate Board meeting will take place on Thursday, January, 29th from 8-9pm at the Northampton Brewery. Anyone with any interest in helping grow Ultimate in the Valley is welcome to attend.



11/11/14 Board Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.14.31 PMHere’s what was covered at the last Valley Ultimate Board meeting:

In attendance: Terry Plotkin, Josh Seamon, Dan Kaplan, Tiina Booth, Jo Sleigh, and Joe Costello

We spent most of the meeting discussing the upcoming Hatgiving tournament, ironing out logistics and planning promotion. The entire Board was very happy with the momentum the event has generated. We feel as though it’ll be fun, competitive, and a great way to spread the word about Valley Ultimate.

As of right now, 90 people have registered for the event from over 30 towns! We’re hoping to be able to close registration on the night of the 18th when we reach our event cap of 180.

We also talked financials and as a Board came to the consensus that we’d like to aim for one day becoming a non-profit. We also discussed ways in which Valley Ultimate could further one of its goals of acting as a clearinghouse of Ultimate information.

Info regarding the date and time for the next Board meeting will be posted on this site as soon as it’s known.

10/23 Steering Committee Meeting Recap

Here’s a summary of what went down at the latest meeting of the Valley Ultimate Steering Committee.


The group decided to transition from a Steering Committee to a Board of Directors. The 2014-2015 Valley Ultimate Board members are: Jo Sleigh, Joe Costello, Dan Kaplan, Terry Plotkin, and Josh Seamon with emeritus contributions coming from Tiina Booth and Jim Pistrang.

The Board can be reached via email at board@valleyultimate.org.

The Board decided to run a Hat tournament on Saturday, 11/22 in Amherst. The event will be open to all players and ages and capped at 12 teams of 15. The Board is aiming to release complete event and registration details by 11/1.

The Board also discussed options for the further development of Youth play opportunities in the summer.

The next Board meeting will be on Tuesday, 11/11 from 7 to 8pm at the Northampton Brewery. Anyone with any interest in contributing to the growth of Ultimate in the Valley is welcome to attend.