Monthly Archives: February 2015

Upcoming Board Meetings

The first Valley Ultimate meeting!

Valley Ultimate in action!

The new two Valley Ultimate board meetings will take place on:

Tuesday, 2/24 from 8 to 9pm
Wednesday, 3/25 from 7 to 8pm

Both meetings will take place at the Northampton Brewery. Anyone with any interest in helping grow Ultimate in the Valley is welcome to attend!

1/29/15 Board Meeting

Here’s what happened at the last Valley Ultimate Board member.

In attendance: Tiina Booth, Jim Pistrang, Dan Kaplan, Jo Sleigh, Lee Feldscher, Terry Plotkin, and Josh Seamon.

Dan Kaplan is now the Vice President, which brings us closer to rounding out our four officer positions: Treasurer [Jo Sleigh], President [Josh Seamon], and Secretary [TBD]

We will be working to collect data regarding the community through a survey that Dan Kaplan will be sending out. We are also working to build the Valley Ultimate (broadcast) email list. We determined that we will send out one email (at most) per month to this master list. This communication method is different that the general discussion group that anyone can join and post to that is located right here.

We’re excited to continue our work operating a BUDA YCC Youth League site locations here in Western, MA. Season specific details are being ironed out and will soon be available.

We are working on establishing the best course of action in moving towards 501(c)3 status. We have found a local lawyer who is willing to help guide us through the process.

We may work towards becoming a USAU affiliate pending further research that is being done by Lee.

We discussed our potential 2015 goals. We are currently working to prioritize our goals and determine a final list for 2015.

The date for our next Board meeting will soon be determined and posted.