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Summer Solstice 2015 Wrapup

A monstrous thanks to the 100 people that came out for Summer Solstice 2015! The event went very smoothly on perfect fields in the midst of glorious weather with Honeysuckle prevailing over Oak Trees 11-9 in the finals. Complete results are at the bottom of this post.


While the event is fresh in your memory, it would be fantastic if as many participants as possible filled out the quick Summer Solstice 2015 Feedback Survey.

Also, while you’re glowing in the happiness of an awesome hat tournament, why not volunteer to help out with Valley Ultimate? 🙂

A few photos from the event are online right here.

Solstice Scores


Thanks again for a great event!

Solstice 2015 Teams and Schedule

Park here. Play on the awesome fields right behind the lot!

Park here. Play on the awesome fields right behind the lot!

And now a message from Mr. Tournament, Joe Costello (

Hey Summer Solstice 2015 Players!

Captains have already been emailed their team’s rosters.  You can find what team you are on by going to the Player Status page.

You can view the event schedule right here.  Game play will be 6/1 in general, with offense deciding gender ratios.

1) All games will be played at Plumbrook Fields, located at 210 Potwine Lane, Amherst, MA 01002.
2) The first game will BEGIN at 9am.  PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.  Player check in runs from 8:15 to 8:45am.
3) The awards ceremony will conclude by 5pm.
4) There will be some water at the fields, but we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE all players to bring a GALLON OF WATER with them as they arrive to use throughout the day.
5) Remember to bring A DARK AND A WHITE shirt/jersey to wear.

Solstice Update

Prize hats!Registration for Summer Solstice is now closed. If you have a very good reason for why you didn’t register before the (widely publicized) registration deadline, email with your very good story and he’ll see what he can do 🙂

The schedule for the day is now online right here.

Teams will be emailed out to everyone, and posted here, in the next 36 hours.

Important reminders:
1) Please make sure take care of any of your outstanding rostering/signup issues as outlined on the Player Status page. Minors: Make sure you bring the USAU medical authorization form!
2) Please make sure to bring a full water bottle or two. We will have water on hand, but it won’t be easy for us to refill our water towers.
3) Please try and carpool as much as possible. We have limited parking.
4) ALL players must sign in between 8:15 and 8:45am.

See you soon!

June 2015 Board Meeting

The Valley Ultimate Board just had a very productive meeting!


The major topics we covered include:

1) Becoming a non-profit: We’re officially filing with the IRS tomorrow!

2) U19 Fall League: It’ll be launched soon!

3) Summer Solstice: Coming up this Saturday and shaping up to be an incredibly awesome event! Can you spot the super slick tourney hat? Registration just closed a little while ago with 111 registrants! Joe will be emailing out competition details very soon!

4) Becoming a USAU affiliate: We’re moving forward with the process!

5) The U19 Summer League: It’s going well!

Summer Solstice: Registration closes in 36 hours!

Prize hats!

Prize hats!

Lots of information is coming your way very soon. What you need to do right now is check your entry on the Player Status page and see if you’re missing anything.

With 36 hours to go before registration closes tomorrow night (6/24), 103 people have signed up! You can check out a map of where everyone is coming in from right here.

If you are missing something (Event payment, USAU payment, waiver, confirmed your roster spot, etc.), please get things totally wrapped up in the next few days.

103 people! Click to interact with the map.

103 people! Click to interact with the map.

Please note:
1) We are not taking payments the day of the event.
2) Registration closes this Wednesday, 6/24, at 6pm EST. Right now 103 people are signed up!
3) If you are NOT a USAU member, you must bring a completed USAU (one time event) membership form, available right here.

Lots of info to come. Also, lots of info is posted in the event FAQ.

Let me know if you have any questions.

– Josh