2/26 General Meeting

The first general meeting of Valley Ultimate has come and gone.

2014-02-26 19.21.49

Here is where we stand:

1) The Valley Ultimate email group has been created. Everyone who submitted their addresses at the 2/26 meeting has been added. Anyone is welcome to join the list by visiting the Valley Ultimate Google Groups page.

2) Notes from the 2/26 meeting can be down right here (PDF).

3) During the meeting the following group was voted on to serve as the Steering Committee. This group will plot the initial course of the organization which will include determining an Executive Committee. The members of the Steering Committee are: David Delorenzo, Corry Keeler, Amy Bradshaw, Dan Kaplan, Terry Plotkin, Jo Sleigh, Jim Pistrang, Josh Seamon, Liam Halloway-Bidwell, and Megan Owens.

4) We dot-voted on priorities for the organization and the final tally came to:
15 – Maintain clearing house of info, contacts, events
13 – Strengthen/support summer town leagues
8 – Support adult club
7 – Strengthen middle school programs
7 – Aim for 501(c)3 status
6 – Support winter play opportunities
6 – Charitable support

5) The first Steering Committee meeting will be on Wednesday, March 26th from 7 to 8pm at the Amherst Brewing Company, located at 10 University Drive in Amherst, MA. Anyone who has any interest in helping out with Valley Ultimate is encouraged to attend the meeting.