We’re a 501(c)3!

Hatgiving2014Valley Ultimate is proud to announce that we have been granted 501(c)3 status! We are very excited by this development and look forward to many more years of huge growth!

Here’s what else we covered at the 8/31/15 Board Meeting:

  • Registration is going well for the Fall Youth League. We are well on track to have at least 60 participants.
  • We are working to lock in a date for Hatgiving 2016, our annual Thanksgiving hat Ultimate tournament. We will post the date as soon as it’s locked in.
  • We are working on a plan to promote Ultimate in schools that currently have no Ultimate presence.
  • We’re going to continue to run a Western, MA BUDA YCC summer league location during the summer of 2016.
  • We will be ordered Valley Ultimate discs
  • We discussed ways to bring more people in to help out with Valley Ultimate.
  • We’d love to be able to pull in more volunteers! (Use this form to sign up to help out!)