When is the event?
Sunday, June 19th.

Where is everything taking place?
Owbow Marina Fields, located at 180 Island Rd. in Northampton, MA.

Who’s responsible for this event?
The Valley Ultimate Board:  Joe Costello, Dan Kaplan, Jim Pistrang, Terry Plotkin, Josh Seamon, and Jo Sleigh. The board can be reached at board@valleyultimate.org.

Where can I find the event schedule?
Right here. [Coming soon!]

Where can I find team rosters?
On the player status page.

How do I sign up?
By completing all of the steps on the registration page.

When will registration close?
Player registration will close at 6pm on Wednesday, 6/15 at 6pm. That being said, we full expect the event to sell out well before then, so wait to register at your own peril.

Is there a minimum age?
All participants must be 12 years or older. If you are under 12 and interested in participating, please contact joe@valleyultimate.org describing why you think you should be allowed to participate.

How do I pay my player fee?
Payment information is listed under step 4 on the registration page.

Is there a rain date?
Nope, but our fields drain very quickly so there is effectively no chance the event will be cancelled due to rain.

What do I need to bring?
Your normal Ultimate playing gear which must include a dark and a white shirt.

How do I check and see if my registration is complete?
Head on over to the player status page.

What’s a hat tournament?
Players sign up individually, not in teams. A few days before the event, 12 teams of 15 will be constructed out of the players that have signed up. Each team will be comprised of the same number of players at each skill level.

Will there be tourney gear for sale?
Not sure yet…

What’s the timing of everything?
Player check in runs from 8:15 to 8:45am. Games will start promptly at 9am. The awards ceremony will conclude by 5pm.

What’s the competition format?
There will be 12 coed teams of 15 players each. The competition format is TBD.

How will chaperones work for my child?
A USAU cleared chaperone will be attached to each team that has minors on its roster.

What does my player fee cover?
A day of awesome competition at a very well-run event. Specifically, your player fee covers fields, award hats, printing, water, food, portojohns, cones, administrative fees, insurance, trainer, promotional materials, chaperones, and lots more. Any left over funds will go towards growing Valley Ultimate.

Will food be provided?
We will have a PB+J station, but we won’t be providing lunch. Please bring one with you.

Will there be a trainer on site?

Will I be getting a shirt?
Nope, unfortunately we weren’t able to make event shirts this year. Please make sure you bring a dark and a white shirt.

What are the prizes?
Some really cool stuff… TBD!

I’d love to play, but I can’t afford the registration fee. What can I do?
Email the board (board@valleyultimate.org) and we’ll see what we can do!

Is there a Facebook page for this event? 
Yup, right here! [Coming soon!]

I paid for the event but can no longer attend. How do I get a refund?
If you let us know before 6pm on Wednesday, 6/15 at 6pm, then you can receive a full refund by emailing josh@valleyultimate.org with the email address you used to make your PayPal payment. No refunds will be given after 6pm on Wednesday, 6/15 at 6pm.