Hatgiving 2017 is tomorrow!

Valley Ultimate is super excited for tomorrow’s event!

All registered players were sent an email with their team’s roster and the following information. For more information, please visit the event page.

Competition and rostering questions should be directed to Joe Costello (joe.costello2@gmail.com)

Thanks for participating in the 2017 Hatgiving Hat Tournament! If you’re unfamiliar with Hat Tournaments in general, the teams are more or less selected at random. You may be on a team with many friends, or you may be on a team with many people that you’ve never met! Please keep this in mind during the day so that everyone has an opportunity to have fun!

*** If you have any unresolved USUA roster issues, please take care of them ASAP, before the tournament! ***

Here are some guidelines for your team:

1. Please arrive with enough time to check in at the registration table, get your cleats on, and meet your teammates! Registration beings at 8:15am, but there may be a line!

2. Do an Icebreaker before playing your first game. This doesn’t need to be elaborate, but everyone should have the opportunity to say their name and try to learn about each other before play. Sometimes including interesting personal facts helps with remembering. Favorite movie? Pet names? Strangest Ultimate experience? It has been suggested that players state their preferred pronouns. Ex.: “My name is Joe and I go by “he/him/his.” Once ate an entire chicken in 6 minutes.”

3. Everyone plays. All players are encouraged to play at their leisure. Don’t try to call subs or sub “competitively.” Also, seek out some younger players or others that haven’t been playing much and try to get them on the field.

4. Start your games ON TIME. Work with the other team. When your game is over, please already know where and when your next game will start.

5. Slap 5 with other team after your game.

6. Report scores.

7. NO SWAPPING PLAYERS, MAKING TRADES, OR SWITCHING TEAMS. For you or anybody. Part of the fun of a Hat Tournament is making it work as a group for one day!