11/11/14 Board Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.14.31 PMHere’s what was covered at the last Valley Ultimate Board meeting:

In attendance: Terry Plotkin, Josh Seamon, Dan Kaplan, Tiina Booth, Jo Sleigh, and Joe Costello

We spent most of the meeting discussing the upcoming Hatgiving tournament, ironing out logistics and planning promotion. The entire Board was very happy with the momentum the event has generated. We feel as though it’ll be fun, competitive, and a great way to spread the word about Valley Ultimate.

As of right now, 90 people have registered for the event from over 30 towns! We’re hoping to be able to close registration on the night of the 18th when we reach our event cap of 180.

We also talked financials and as a Board came to the consensus that we’d like to aim for one day becoming a non-profit. We also discussed ways in which Valley Ultimate could further one of its goals of acting as a clearinghouse of Ultimate information.

Info regarding the date and time for the next Board meeting will be posted on this site as soon as it’s known.